Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What a WONDERFUL day in the Reno Mission!   We just finished our first transfers and incoming 16 missionaries!  I LOVE working in the office.  The feeling there is soooo good.  There were a lot of missionaries from all around the mission today who came in to be transfered or to become trainers to the new missionaries.  We had 5 new Sister missionaries come in.   We love watching the missionaries meet their trainers.  They all are so excited.  And when the missionaries come in to the office and see other missionaries they know they go up to each other and give each other hugs and act so glad to see each other.  They talk and talk.  The Sister missionaries scream and run up to each other like long lost friends.  It is a joy to be around them all. 

Pres. and Sister Hermansen are so welcoming and friendly to everyone and yet really hold the line.  I can see the missionaries getting to know and love them.  What a pleasure to be around them and watch this happen.

It has been so interesting to see the people respond to us having a new mission here.  Everyone seems to be so excited to have their own mission here.   We needed 8 new places for missionaries to live with this incoming group.  Pres. Hermansen sent out a call to the Stake Presidents asking for help in locating places to stay and all the furniture and things needed to supply the apts.  We had just great response.   In one ward I was told the women passed around a sign up list in Relief Society asking for specific things to be donated.   Before the list was more then half way around the room the list was full.  Most things were bought by people.   A man called and said his parents had immediately gone and bought 2 twin beds and framed and a box of cleaning supplies for one apt. and wanted to know where to deliver them.  We've had all kinds of things donated. 

One older woman had a set of old old dishes she had been given years ago and she came and donated the entire set of dishes.  Plus she went to $ stores and bought mugs and heavy big plastic glasses for 60 missionaries and brought them in to donate.  It all goes on and on. 

I am just so happy to be here on this mission.   I am more happy to be on earth at this time where I know why we are here, what we need to be doing and where we are going when we die.  I just find so much joy every day that I want to shout it out to everyone everywhere.  Knowing about the atonement and life of Christ just gives me so much peace, and more happiness.  I am so blessed.
Lois Ann

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