Sunday, August 18, 2013

August  18, 2013
Wow,  the last post was in June!  So much has happened and we've been so busy.  Our last transfer was July 23 and we had 30 new missionaries arrive.  Our next transfer is Sept. 3 and we'll have 12 coming in.  That is the smallest group since we opened the mission.  We are now at 264 or so missionaries so we are at the 'compliment' we've been assigned (250).  We will gradually get back to that and be around that number for a while, I believe. 

I have so many things I want to say.  One is the importance of obedience in our lives.  For me at this time - this especially applies to missionaries.  I wonder sometimes what missionaries are expecting to live like when they come on a mission.  Do they think this will be a vacation?  Our missionaries do have fun but those who have the best missions are those who obey exactly the things asked of them. 

Missions are hard.  I wonder if young people realize that just because you are 'adult' does not mean you can do anything you want the rest of your life and have no responsibility for anything at any place or any time.  I know there are people in the world who think this way - but those with goals of eternal life also must realize there is a price to pay.  The price is hard work and obeying with exactness the commandments and requirements of Heavenly Father.  This is not restricting, in fact it is the most and best kind of freedom.  And happiness and joy.   I compare this to driving a car.  There are exact rules we much obey in order to have the freedom and joy and happiness that can come with driving a car.  It is our choice if we want to have that freedom by obeying the rules or live constantly looking over our shoulders and paying various prices for not obeying the rules.

It makes my heart aches to see missionaries who have chosen repeatedly to disobey and then the consequences come.   What a long road they have ahead of them.

Another thing, if you have a missionary thinking of coming on a mission, or are a young person thinking of a mission,  PLEASE clear every possible problem you have with your Bishop before applying to come on a mission.  Many people don't realize that a leader who has the Spirit of our Heavenly Father with him can discern problems even if they aren't told about them.   And missionaries don't realize before they come on missions how they can't do much of anything without the Spirit.   They won't have the Spirit with them if they have unresolved problems that should be discussed with Bishop.  As these Missionaries become closer to the Spirit on their mission, their unresolved problem weighs heavier and heavier on them until they either confess or can't function.  By this time, resolving problems are much more difficult than they would have been had they been taken care before even applying for a mission.  Again, my heart aches and weeps for these missionaries.

I look at our missionaries and feel such a love and concern for them.  I want them to really be happy.  I want them to be successful.  I want so much for them to be obedient because then they will be successful.  I really really want them to understand this principle.  Those who do are happy and just glow even though often they are so tired.   I don't know how to let the rest know how much I love them and hurt for them when they aren't obedient and think theirs is a fun way to live.  I watch a lot of this go by as I work in the office and I can't think of anything but prayer to help them.   I also get to feel great thankfulness and joy at knowing I am seeing some of the great future leaders of the Church in those who are so obviously obedient and glowing and happy and full of joy.   I am so grateful I get to be around them.

This was a serious post I know, but I've not written for a while because I didn't know how to say all of this or even want to bring it up.   I'm glad I have finished saying these things.  Happier entries coming.