Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sept. 3, 2013
Transfer day.    Busy day.  Lots of missionaries here this afternoon to pick up new a companion or new missionary/companion.  Or to be transferred.  Or because they are leaving in the morning (three.)
Bikes everywhere.  Three left outside against the Stake Center wall (we are in the same parking lot and the missionaries are all at the Stake Center).   The 3 unlocked have been moved inside one of our storage/work areas and locked in.  Let's see what the missionaries do when they come out and their bike is gone....presumed stolen.    We've done this before.   Some missionaries don't even seem to care.  Their attitude is -  'Well, it's gone. Nothing I can do now.'    A few panic and will never leave a bike unlocked again.    The irony is that just a few yards away is a brand new bike stand we've installed to lock bikes to.  There is not a single bike attached to it.   Did no-one notice it?    Hmmmm.

I love these days.  It is hard for some of the missionaries to be transferred.  Some are so excited to move on to a new opportunity.   We have lots of Sister's these days.

We had 12 new missionaries come in today - one American who has been at the Mexico MTC learning Spanish to speak here!   Tomorrow we get 2 'Temple Square' missionary Sisters.  The missionaries serving on Temple Square are sent out for 2 or 3 transfers into proselyting missions.  These two are going to be here 3 transfers - until Jan.    We have another Sister Missionary finishing her time with us and returning to her Temple Square mission tomorrow.

It is always hard to see the missionaries leave at the end of their missions.  We will miss them so much.  But we are so happy they have done so well and will follow them on Facebook and e-mail as we see all the wonderful things that they do in the future.

So now it is 6:34.  Most of the missionaries have gone their various ways.  What a busy, wonderful time.
The missionaries who have their bikes locked up are getting wise to Sister Blankenship and came and asked her if she had their bikes.  Got to think of something new.

If you have missionaries out here ask them these questions:

1.  Are you locking your bikes EVERY SINGLE time you leave them unattended?
2.  Are your apartments/homes clean?  Not destroyed?  No maids available here.  It is ALL up to the missionaries.
More later.....