Sunday, July 8, 2012

June 8 - The Nevada Reno Mission has begun!

July 8, 2013  Nevada Reno Mission
We are now in Sparks.  The office has been open for a week.  We've been here 12 days. 
It is much cooler here - 92 as a high today.   We like it here.  The people seem nice and friendly. 

Our office is a rebuilt Seminary building and has been beautifully redone.  The only problem we are having with the building now is the address.  We went to the Post Office to get signed up for mail delivery and were assured all was arranged.  Then  - no mail.   Elder Lynn went back over and was told we have no address.  We had to establish one with the City of Sparks.  He went to Sparks.  They told him to go back to the Post Office and take care of it.  He talked with a number of people.  We were finally told we had the wrong address.  But the original address had been changed and the one we have is the wrong number numerically, with the buildings on both sides of us.  That is an issue for tomorrow so we can finally get mail delivery.  They've been holding our mail and Elder Lynn has been picking it up.   We've been told by some that the mail has been returned, however.   So we hope this gets cleared up soon.

Our mission officially opened on July 1, a Sunday.  So on the 2nd we went in and tried to get onto the mission web site and other sites on the computer so we could begin work, order supplies, enter baptisms, send referrals out to our missionaries, get e-mail, etc.  We finally got on to the last one of these on Fri. but like every other place we had to get onto, the pass-word hasn't gone through the system yet.  It has been a long very frustrating week just trying to get started.   One of the problems  has been that because of July 4 being on Wed. a lot of people we need to talk to at the Church Headquarters are on vacation.  This week will be much better; we just know it.

We really like our new mission  President and his wife.  They have a huge job to do but are really starting out running.  Last Sunday they met with the Nevada Las Vegas and Nevada Las Vegas West Mission Presidents for a 2 hour meeting (and lunch we served) before the two Las Vegas Mission Presidents flew back home.  Then President and Sister Hermansen and the Assistants (Elder Marks and Elder Sparks)  toured the mission (all of Nevada except Las Vegas south.)  On the 18th we have 16 new missionaries coming in so this week will be REALLY busy for them, with transfers and
trainer assignments and everything. 

Our apartment is very nice and we  have it mostly furnished.  Dee, Penny, Kenzee and Parker came up last weekend and brought the items we had packed to bring.  We appreciate them driving all that way so much!  They drove up, unloaded and stayed Sat. night, leaving at about 5 Sunday morning to drive back and be home in time for work.

Sacrament meeting last week and this was a surprise.  We'd forgotten what 'regular' wards are like.
When the meetings started the chapel was almost empty.  Even after the Sacrament people were
still coming in!   Even with the children the rows weren't full.    This Sat. our ward is having a clothing  exchange for a Relief Society Social.  People bring clothes they can't use any more and then they can take clothes they can use.   Then in August our ward annually hosts the same thing for a Stake wide Relief Society event.  They are also selling boxes of pears in two weeks. 

We love having so many new things to learn and people to meet!  So many have helped us in so many ways.  We love Heavenly Father and Christ.  We are so thankful for Christ's atonement for us!
We love the truth in the Book of Mormon.   We are thankful for Joseph Smith and Pres. Monson and their lives as prophets.  Aren't we all blessed?

Love,   Elder and Sister Lynn

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