Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Sept.23, 2012

We can't believe it has been so long since we wrote.  Since our last post, Sister Lynn developed major pain in her right hip (the one that wasn't replaced previously.)  I thought it would need a replacement.  No.  It is 'mild arthritis.'  I hate to even think what serious arthritis will feel lake.  I saw a doctor.  The only thing to do is exercise (in a pool for now) and lose weight. (Or take major pain meds, which I won't do.)   I haven't been to the pool - no time - no energy.  I haven't been sleeping well because of pain and then kind of drag through the day at the office and come home and fall in bed. 

A couple of weeks in to this I started have a toothache in a top molar.   Found a dentist and the roots were cracked so it had to be pulled.  Between that and my hip the last two weeks have a tough ones.

However, in thinking about this during the past month I have become so very thankful I am here on a mission.  If I were still at home the same things would have happened and I would have been at home all day and feeling sorry for myself.  The pain would have seemed much worse because that is all I would have been thinking about.

I've only missed part of a day at the office though all of this (to have the tooth pulled).  I have enjoyed every day despite pain.  I can't tell you how blessed I've been.  I LOVE being here.  There is so much joy in serving.  Every time the door to the office opens I get so excited because almost everyone who comes is a missionary and they are such good, pleasant, hardworking young people.

We have wonderful missionaries.  In 2 weeks we will have 22 new missionaries arrive and our first departure, 11 missionaries, will return home.  We get to know these young missionaries and it is hard to see them leave.  

Elder Lynn and I learned from our last mission to keep as many as we could on Facebook.  We love reading about their marriages and children and education and jobs.   We remember them at 21 or 22 of course, so it all seems impossible to us.

The people here are very very excited to have 'their own' mission.  They do everything they can to assist.  One of the outlying areas from the mission is Susanville,CA.   One of the main things the wards would like is a set of missionaries of their own.  In Susanville they'd like one set per stake.

President has asked for more senior couples.  We need them desperately in stakes and ward.  And there are many areas of Indians living in Nevada.  There are a lot of inactive LDS members in them.  In fact there are many inactive people all over Nevada.  We need couples here to work with and reactive them, among other things. 

Guess this all for this post.  It's off to bed.