Saturday, May 4, 2013

'Snail Mail' is SOOOOO important. Email. Packages. Bikes.

Our missionaries can e-mail family and friends every 'preparation day'.  They cannot use a member's computer.  They have to go to a public library, a church library, a Family History library, etc. to e-mail.  When a  holiday falls on their 'p-day' and the library is closed, they can write the next day instead. 

Of course missionaries really want to hear by e-mail from family and friends.  I is important they do.

But 'snail mail' or 'regular mail' is most important.  Anytime a missionary comes to the office, they will always ask if there is any mail for them and I always hear them say things like, 'I never get mail anymore' or 'I've been out too long so everyone has forgotten me' or 'Look, all the mail is for new missionaries.  After they've been out a while, they won't get any, either.'  

Don't forget to write to your missionary - or any missionary you know.  A single letter during the mission of someone in your ward, or a missionary you know can really help, if that is all you get written.  Don't forget your missionaries.  They can get discouraged and down and letters can help so much.

I recently saw a really great idea for a package for a missionary.  It was called a 'Sunny' package and it was a little box full of yellow things.  A lot of things were from the dollar store - but everything was yellow.  What a great idea - think of all the variety of boxes you could send just using single color.

Remember once in a while to include something for the companion, especially if you know that the companion never gets mail or packages.  Ask your missionary if his/her companion gets things.  Ask when his/her birthday is.  Remember at Christmas to send something for the companion. 

Most missionaries love and really appreciate a couple of dollars tucked in a letter.  For some, $5.00 could be a couple of lunches at a fast food place.  You don't have to send a lot, but once in a while, especially if you think the missionary may not have a lot of extra money, a little would be a blessing.  This is especially true towards the end of the month when their money may be gone.

Our mission now requires all missionaries to have a bike.  This has been a huge amount of work for the office and a surprise for many missionaries and families.  Some simply cannot afford a bike.  And a bike is not all - there are helmets, lights, bumpers for at least the Sisters, and other things needed, too.

We've had several real miracles associated with getting these bikes.  One mother of a missionary in a different mission read about this and called and donated 2 complete bikes for missionaries who really need one.  What a huge blessing for our mission.  Thanks so much to her.   Members of a ward here donated 2 bikes.  The Ward mission leader bought and added the helmets & other needed things. Thanks to those who have helped by giving bikes in other ways and getting helmets and lights for needy missionaries. 

I LOVE serving this mission.  I cannot tell you how happy I am.  I find so much joy every day.  The missionaries are so young (I am 72) and bring such a wonderful spirit.  I can't help but love them before they get here, after I type and send letters, prepare their incoming book, fill out files on them.  I can't always remember their names when I see them and that frustrates me totally.  But I know that they are here because Heavenly Father wants each of them here (and I know he wants me here.)  I know Heavenly Father is real.  He is alive.  He knows each one of us and our individual feelings and thoughts.  He is our real Father.  He wants us to succeed.  He especially wants his missionaries to succeed.  We know there is opposition that does not want them to succeed. So missionaries have this new opposition in a new place doing new work.  It is understandable the missionary could be discouraged and worried and thinking they can't do want they need to do.  Please remember to write and send something once in a while to any missionary who is in the field.  It may seem a little thing for you - but may be a huge thing for the missionary.

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  1. Before telecommunication became important, snail mails are the only means of long distance communication.