Thursday, March 28, 2013

Part of a Day in the Office for me

March 28, 2013
A couple of notes:  Today we heard via the grapevine that the Church is only calling one couple per mission.  The rest of the office staff will be local Church Service Missionaries.  I think this is probably because of the increase of missions and the shortage of Senior missionaries.....We need you older folks!!!

Missionaries who have been in the field for a while LOVE neck ties.  This is really the only change they have in their clothes..  Ask your Elder if he'd like neckties he can trade.  If so, go to Good Will or etc. and buy a bunch at a small price and send them as a gift.

I often get asked what I do in the Mission Office as the Mission Secretary.  Yesterday I decided to write down what I did.  I only lasted until noon when I got so busy the idea when out the window.  Here is what I got for 1/2 a day:

8:00 am - office opens
* Devotional (with other office missionaries - prayer, thought, what is going on today)
* Phone call - Church Service missionaries will be in late - Dr. appt. at 9:00
* Forwarded e-mail to appropriate office people and President
* Volunteer we talked to at Church came in - we talked to him for a while
* President came in - gave us information - during the rest of the morning he was in and out of his office as he worked and talked to office workers (including me) at various times
* Phone Call - non-member wanting rent - gave her Transient Bp. phone  number
* Checked computer and found 3 new missionaries coming in - June & July
* Ran off information for files on 3 new missionaries.  Made files.
* Did labels for their files
* Missionary Sisters  called - need copies of items- wrote it down & will try to get copies made
    before they come in this afternoon (Didn't get it done - they had to make them when they came in.)
* 'Mark' came in - had him fill cabinet with videos.  Talked with him.  (He is a homeless by choice
    young man who has walked across part of the US.  Knows a lot about the Church.  He drops by
    often - almost daily - because "it feels good here"  and wants to see if a missionary happens to be
    at the office and can take a few minutes to 'read the Book of Mormon' with him.  Has taken one
    lesson at the church and stood up the Elders today for another one.) He helps do whatever I need.
* Elders came in for supplies - filled order & talked to them briefly.
* Sorted through my work to evaluate what needs to be done most.
10:00 -
* Two phone calls responding to an e-mail about a hair brush a new sister left @ overnight apt.
* Phone call - transferred
* Assistants came in - gave them a message about an Elder extremely allergic to cats
* Made supply list - took a while checking all cabinets, etc.
* Made supply order - takes a while for a big order like the one I did -  Sent to Pres. to OK
* Mail  arrived - Large incoming pile today -  Sorted and delivered in-office mail
* Sorted mail to open and forward at my desk
* Telephone call to transfer
* Typed labels for mail  and ran off - left them to attach and finish black-lining & stamping 'forward'  mail for later when people are there and I need to talk to them because the rest of forwarding mail is mindless work
* Typed labels for Transfer board - 2 new 'zones' - several new 'districts' - lots of new addresses and
   'areas' -  lots of 'DL' and 'ZL' cards
*  Put all of the above in magnet holders - this takes a loooonnnnggg time.  A missionary was there and not busy because his companion was having an interview with Pres. so I had him help me.
* Phone - address needed
* Phone called transferred.

This is where I ran out of time to write things down.  I think I missed several phone calls on this list.
By now it was about noon.

OK - it is now 9:04 pm and I need to get busy and then to bed.  More later...

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