Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec. 6, again
Just thought of a couple more things.  Remember the 'rabbit wreck?'   The Sister's driving that car hit 2 rabbits in a couple of days - driving 70 mph out between where they live and where they had been teaching. It was night both times.  The bunnies were not big jack rabbits but both were tiny little white rabbits.

Well, next they hit a coyote.  The car side-swiped it so it wasn't damaged so much as the rabbit times.

There are large areas of uninhabited land in Nevada with wild horses, wild burros, and about every other kind of animal.  We are so glad our missionaries so far have just hit  little bunnies.

Talking about people coming in asking for money, one man has been in regularly - always with a different story about why he needs  'just $20.00'.  Unfortunately, Elder Lynn can't turn people away - so he keeps coming back.  Yesterday it was to apologize about all the stories and lies and 'could I talk to you privately for just a minute?' which ended in another sob story and another $20.00.  I hope there are blessings given to people like my husband who are kind and often taken advantage of.

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